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Giraffe Divider by IridescentStardust
love art, music, people, air, rain,chocolate, colours, stuff and lately I just generally love life more than in any other moment

I am really weird but nice so feel free to be my friend

Also..... I am a person

WOOOOOO go watch :iconfish-cicle: we are doing a project together and is turning out really nice c:
she is a very great artist >:I
so much better than me, she has been helping me around on how to draw thingies and her style is really really nice c: so please watch her and idk be friends with her c:


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I want the points to give to people who are really awesome and dnon't have premium membership or idk brthday points or something haha XD

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First of all, if you are already reading this; i please ask you to not stop reading it and thank you if you wont.

This is not something to try and make and argue with everyone about the subject or whatsoever but i do intend to make you think some okay?  and before saying something pplease read the whole thing.

"We need feminism" Is what  people has been talking about for the past hours and maybe there are already many journals of this kind in everyone's activities, but you know i want to stil make sure that i say something of what i think.

I feel... disgusted; and not about feminism, but the comments i have read in so little time saying "feminism is jut about girls taking over" or "feminism is just  wants to justify why they are doing a mess by saying all those things"
Well of course, to have a valid ideal you need to justify yourself with facts, also, if girls want to "take over" please remind me, taking over what? we can not just start saying that because then let me tell you men and even more white men took over  many years ago and i am not trying to be racist but somehow is the truth and if you can't see it well what is wrong with you, i don't mean all withe men took over everything but the ones who make the rules and tell us what is right about society have since so many time ago and haven't been but above or higher in society that don't even care who they affect.

"Women want to take over" well sincerely, i would like to see that, if that is what it takes for us to realize how much harm we have been doing without thinking to so many people with our indiference and our codescendent attitude about every social  matter that runs America and the world well i say is a good idea.

WE are not talking about that women want the best things out of  the law to work on their favor; no, we are talking much more further than law, not about "tell me a law that has only benefited men"  we are talking about people rights, and them defending them; not trying to change the law in favor for women but taking what has already been written and make everyone respect it.

And you might  have so many arguments about girls who don't understan the concept of equality and that then feminism doesn't work because of how those girls just want to mess up men, well let me tell you there are a lot of cases like that yeah, but they stand out because they are...well wrong ways of thinking and also from my point of view, but, we look for them... for every case like that we have seen about girls missunderstanding   the concept of feminism there are thousands of case of girls thta do understand and want to see a real change. 

If you don't like it cause is called "feminism" and you try to say is something that girls use to have an advantage for everything well just think about it as a fight to try to be equally accepted in a society we all build and that only some of the people is trying to change it; because media has build up eveything we know and have been raised with, but we are all social control agents, that a selected group of people is  trying to strive for a larger goal i think you need to respect the people that are doing it.

That is why me, standing here as a man, i think we need feminism, but not just that, i think we need change for everyone and if you are a girl with  that thinks we don't, well, maybe just try to change the world, that if we are able to take the rights of the biggest group of people in this planet that has ever existed and having the courage to say is "not our fault", as a society, and,  not asking ourselves "what is the world thinking" because of it, then, we might as well stop fighting for racism and poorness cause he world will never change.

And pretty much that is the idea of what i have been thinking for the past hours, and i have realized  that if there is a  place where is worth to share opinions is not Deviantart, or not yet

Again i don't try to make people argue agaist me about what they think and why i am wrong because we can both tell ourselves why we are both wrong because you already won at your eyes, and if you want to come here to have an argue that you think you already won before starting it, you are not worth my time, none ideal is perfect i know, but having equality for everyone is a really beautiful one and if you can't tell  equality is not  there i encourage  you                                                                     to keep looking.

You all have a nice day.

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thanks for liking my artwork ^~^
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gracias por el watch!
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thank you very very much for adding me to your watch list!! :hug:
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thanks for the watch, muchas gracias!
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hahahahahaha te encontré
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thanks for the watch!

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NatWithLeCopic Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey there! i've moved my account  to attack-on-levis-dick.deviantar…
i hope you continue to support my art uwu
Nyaodie Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Que que dices. 
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Hello there!
Elle here, just letting my watchers know that I've moved to a brand new account for a fresh start!
If you can rewatch me on this account I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you for your continued support. :heart:
Poopy bag :T
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