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sans titre by fylocali

Yay very nice piece i just have a couple sugestions First of all is ver nice, the colors are great and the idea is prett cool, the stle...

BeforeAndAfter-Aislinn by chickenbiscuitjr

Okay so in a piece like this is really hard to actually do an improvement as is 2 diferent media, even if people say that to do right o...

La fille du Renard by fylocali

I really like the colors c: the hair and the face look really good, i like how you made it flow c: Uhmm on the leg parats i don't feel ...

Big cat?? by Dawnnstar

Hello c: i really like this is very nice just a few things maybe you could block in all the shapes like in the chest and the back legs ...


Tuguel has started a donation pool!
3 / 100
Hello c: feel free to donate to my work C:
Any points i get in here will be used probably for contests as i don't relly liked the premium memberhip and stuff so yeah c:

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  • :iconnyaodie:
    Donated Aug 20, 2014, 8:01:53 PM


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Giraffe Divider by IridescentStardust
love art, music, people, air, rain,chocolate, colours, stuff and lately I just generally love life more than in any other moment

I am really weird but nice so feel free to be my friend

Also..... I am a person
So i feel like writting this down and rant about it.
Don't really care if someone reads it.
Okay, so first of all this is why i have so much trouble talking to people.
If you set one hour to get together and do school work get there the hour you said and if you knew you were gonna be busy don't suddenly say you will be late and let people waiting and your teacher waiting.
And then after you tell them that they should have said a different hour if you knew you were gonna be busy don't start off by saying that you can't do anything because you have to work
if you clearly have time to say that you cleearly have time to say that we should get together in other hour 'cause you are busy, you can always do something about it.
Other thing, saying that you are late and it was because of an emergency and you say you will be lat 2 hours before the hour you are supposed to go there, tell other ones to get together later if people still will have to wait for you, defending this kind of behavior is just pure cynicism, and despite if after someone tells you it is and you say "okay i don't agree with you" is completely stupid to say that as is not something you "agree" with... because of the simple respect there is to other people's time you say "i am sorry it wont happen again(or at least try)" instead of bitching about it and saying i am being rude to you because i was being honest and you can't handle the motherfucking  truth, or because you are so mentally retarded to actually accept you did wrong either if it was an emergency or not. Is not matter of view points, is you wasting other people's motherfucking time.

Then after all that if you get together to do the hw get to do hw  not to just expect me to do something only because i am saying you can't do something because you literally can't because physics don't work like that (and yes i am being serious)
Number 2183721 People wont be willing to work if you keep bitching about stuff to them and even less if you treat people like if they are childs, of course they might be a bit immature but bitch they got more valuable ideas in a piece of crap than you in your whole brain, so get your cliché ideas away from my face instead of trying to shove them in my brain, i don't want them.
Also if you bring your boyfriend to your work, better tell him to be quiet instead of letting him tell me to get to work, cause you got there 3 hours late cause you went dinner and you haven't spend all day with a bunch of retards.
Okay, now, if i say i am thinking after you ask me to give you ideas and i say "i am thinking" for something don't let him say "think faster" or else i wont give you shit.
Because like really i have spent my whole life trying to build up visual content from everything i see, is hard to put on a piece of art but is not hard to imagine, even less if i have been watching movies, reading and seeing things all these years. 
I am fucking tired people treating my ideas like if i was a child, yeah i am weird because i am but bitch that doesn't mean my ideas or process of work is any of less worth than yours, maybe you can't work with noise but i can't without it and the fuck i care if you try to focus if at the end your ideas are such a cliché or don't even work at all.
Only one person got there exactly 15 mins late when she said she was and after that she didn't bitched and she got to work. 

I am done, if i need to be jerky to people if i need to i don't care, because fuck, i can't anymore, i am too patient and i just get mocks and get shut or think i can't pay attention only because i am not looking. 

Another thing 

If your idea was wrong and i explained why it was wrong, it doesn't mean i have the answer and then expect me to give you it because i wont and if you come at me with "well you were the one saying it was wrong so now give me the answer" and bitch about it then you better write whatever you want and don't ask me and just keep being ignorant and stay there because i would be more if i didn't tell you something is wrong and is part of my work too.
It just doesn't fit inside my head how retarded can you be when it comes to work.
You bitch about stuff to me after i got there early, i am still there working and i am trying to help you to understand better even if you treat me like a child?
like wtf? 
That is not my problem and one day i am gonna explode  because of how cynic you are, thinking getting good grades will get you a job and not trying to do more than what you have to, nott because you can't but because you don't want and are lazy? 
Well let me tell you something, you are learning to be as good or better than the people who is out there already.
Maybe i am lazy sometimes too and i procrastinate but i am always trying to become better, i don't judge people if i don't know them and i don't bring them down.
I am so fucking done 

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