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sans titre by fylocali

Yay very nice piece i just have a couple sugestions First of all is ver nice, the colors are great and the idea is prett cool, the stle...

BeforeAndAfter-Aislinn by chickenbiscuitjr

Okay so in a piece like this is really hard to actually do an improvement as is 2 diferent media, even if people say that to do right o...

La fille du Renard by fylocali

I really like the colors c: the hair and the face look really good, i like how you made it flow c: Uhmm on the leg parats i don't feel ...

Big cat?? by Dawnnstar

Hello c: i really like this is very nice just a few things maybe you could block in all the shapes like in the chest and the back legs ...


Dragon by Tuguel
okay so i did some kind of drawgon type deal idek... it was fun for a school contest for the new mascot wwoo
I don't really care about it but someone added me to the team that was working and i was lik "eh is gonna be fun" i had like 2 hours to do this and is the fastest i have worked on something ._.
also is pretty small and is not completely finished but whatever xD
let me know what you think and i will see you around later.
Also i am enjoying a lot doing critiques on art work so if you want a piece you woul like me to critique i would be very glad to, i am not any mean ( i don't think >-> ) and it helps me a lot too c:
anyway have the nicest day!!        
sans titre by fylocali
Yay very nice piece i just have a couple sugestions
First of all is ver nice, the colors are great and the idea is prett cool, the stle is ver good and interesting also the compositon is pretty good at least to me

one of the things i would improve tho is that you don't have many values going on, you can go to photoshop or whatver you use and decrease the saturation to 0 and the levels panel and almost all your tones are gathering around the middle tones and lights, is not a very bad thing but in a piiece full of light like this one, contrast is key, darker tones make the whole image have a greater feeling of dept like in the wolf paw it almost feels like is on the same plane as the one that is near us, part is because maybe you need to make it go a little bit more "back" in space but thee light would surely help us to give more sensation of dept c:

Other thing is the line art, maybe yyou could have gotten a really nice result if the line art was not black but something near the color of the skin or furr and it would look really nice c:

other thing is that the light doen'treally matches the shadows, because i can clearly see the light comes from the right but the shados comee from the left maybe you could haveused some reference for the light that helps a lot

that i pretty much it, i mean mybe some back light for the fur of the wolf as is hair and it lets light come trhough it and maybe sosme more hard brusshes on the trees to give them some texture.
Over all i think is aa really great piece, uhm i hope i am nont being too harsh , i really love the style nd the face and colors, is really amazing the idea is also pretty cool is just some little details i would work on more, you are doing an excelent job, keep doing it that waay and yeah c:

Thank ou also for letting me critique this s it helps me to see other things i wouldn't on m own art and makes me thing about them next time i am drawing, i hope i helped woo have a nice day
BeforeAndAfter-Aislinn by chickenbiscuitjr
Okay so in a piece like this is really hard to actually do an improvement as is 2 diferent media, even if people say that to do right on digital you have to first do right on paper doesn't exactly follow like that, as is different media is a different technique, of course the visual aspect of being able to tell detail of other things is really the same and that you can archieve many things exatly the same way as traditional media but is not the same way of aplication, i sugest you to try to redraw again on paper next time but i am gonna tell you what i see that is good and some things that need improvements okay? c:

So first of all is really good drawaing, the perspective or the idea of it on both shots are really good, as is not just a normal front shot and isquite interesting, and the color selection is pretty good then again the proportions are a bit off in some parts like on the legs and arms more than anywhere else´i sugest you to do some stuies on real life proportions for you to be easier to ben them into any anime or cartoony style you are trying to archieve :D
other thing is that the in the second image you hardl have any rough line, everything is done with a soft media brush and it makes this muddy kind of color, of course you can make it better with till the soft brush but it is a recomendation to use some hard brushes in some parts and don't try to blen everything as the maz ype deal loses it impact and it doesn't look that threatening and some of the shadows would be key to show the folds on the clothes but they need to be harder, (careful, i say harder but not black) they just don't blend, bout the light i think you should do some studies on textures as the skin and clothes have the same texture but that takes more practice, ou will be able to see all the textures soon depending on how much you practice :D
Overall this is a really nice piece, the pose is really good and the perrspective mesed up pome of your proportions but it is a good perspective, very interesting and it leads my eyes to the painting so is all nice c:
Mazatzal by Tuguel
YAY so i got this done by :iconcybzilla:  because she is really nice
Uhmm is a Manticorn and is really cool i decided the features and color and you most certainly will see me drawing him in the future
If you want one you can reach :iconcybzilla:
Find more about the manticorn adoptables and Customs here :………

Anyway that was it, leave a fav and share with your friends, it would help her out a lot and  yeah
Its also very fiting cause i am mexican, is a mix with a Quetzal and a jaguar or Ocelotol and with nice colors >:I
Have the nicest day!


Tuguel has started a donation pool!
3 / 100
Hello c: feel free to donate to my work C:
Any points i get in here will be used probably for contests as i don't relly liked the premium memberhip and stuff so yeah c:

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  • :iconnyaodie:
    Donated Aug 20, 2014, 8:01:53 PM


Tuguel's Profile Picture
Giraffe Divider by IridescentStardust
love art, music, people, air, rain,chocolate, colours, stuff and lately I just generally love life more than in any other moment

I am really weird but nice so feel free to be my friend

Also..... I am a person

WOOOOOO go watch :iconcybzilla: we are doing a project together and is turning out really nice c:
she is a very great artist >:I
so much better than me, she has been helping me around on how to draw thingies and her style is really really nice c: so please watch her and idk be friends with her c:
I had 1 and  half weeks of vacations... maybe 2 soooo yeahhhh i wish i had more but oh well c:
my classes don't seem as  poopy as i thought they were gonna be so i am hopefull, also i will try to organize myself so i have more time to draw, i might not be able to finishstuffthatwquicklybuticandrawa lot and post sketchdumps if ou might want me to, if you think that would just spam your messages well idk i only need one person who would like me to to actually do it  ^^'

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